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Question: How do I play video games? My grandson told me it involved buttons, but where do I get buttons from?

From Travis, via e-mail Answer: Your grandson is correct. Video games are played by finding buttons and pressing them in the right order. If you fail to press the buttons in the proper order, you will die (first in the game, then in life). To find out what the proper order for pressing the...

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Question: How do I set boundaries with my domineering mother-in-law?

From David, via e-mail Answer: Domineering mothers-in-law can be so domineering, can’t they? It can be tough to maintain your dignity and sense of adulthood when you have a shrieking hellbeast named Janice all up in your grill. Here are three easy tips to asserting your personhood and establishing some boundaries with Janice, or...

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Question: How can I get my husband to pick up his socks?

From Anna, via e-mail Answer: You may have heard in science and also on Lost that planes want to stay in the air. Science and Lost are right. 95 percent of planes say they prefer the air to the ground. But you want to know what planes have to do with socks. In addition to...

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