How to Download an MP3 Song off the Internet and Insert it Into Your Pod Radio

Songs these days come as MP3 songs. This is because they don’t make the stuff that used to hold them anymore. Now you just have to keep it on your computer until they figure out something else to hold songs that isn’t a Pod radio.

For now, here’s how to put the songs on your Pod radio.


  1. Get a computer. You can find one at most stores. Bring your checkbook.
  2. Bring it home and open the box. Throw away the bits that are cardboard and styrofoam and plastic baggies, and what remains should be the bits of your computer.
  3. Assemble computer.
  4. Plug power cord into wall.
  5. Now you are on the web.
  6. Start up your web surfer.
  7. Type “give me music” into the web surfer’s surfing bar.
  8. You will probably see naked ladies on your computer by this point. Ignore the naked ladies, as they have been sent by the Devil to tempt you away from finding music to download.
  9. Type “give me music, not the naked ladies sent by the Devil” into the surfing bar.
  10. You should now see a bunch of words that are probably colored blue. These are surfing links to web places.
  11. Carefully read the words to find the link closest to what you are looking for. If one of the links says “music,” move your mouse arrow over the link and press the mouse button on the mouse.
  12. Do not click on the links in Russian or other languages, as they probably will not offer good American music.
  13. Now you are in a web place with songs you can choose. Find a song you might like. I recommend “The Fountain of Salmacis” from Genesis’ third studio album “Nursery Cryme.”
  14. Mouse touch the song title and it should immediately start downloading into your monitor.
  15. The download speed may only be about a dozen or so, and you should probably plan to attend your work sessions while it continues.
  16. After returning from work and paying your nightly homage to our leader, check your computer.
  17. If the download has finished completing, you are ready to transfer your song to your portable pod radio.
  18. Connect radio to the computer. Use a cable for this.
  19. Locate the MP3 on your computer with the mouse. It is probably in a folder called “C:”
  20. Hold down the mouse button while the mouse arrow is over the MP3.
  21. Drag MP3 onto picture of your pod which is also on your computer somewhere.
  22. Once the MP3 is over that picture, release the mouse’s button and the song should be taught to your pod radio player.
  23. Once completed, your radio now knows your new song. Press buttons on your pod to hear it make your song play.
  24. Earphones may be required. Get some and put them on you.
  25. Enjoy your MP3 song!


  • Don’t tell your neighbors you have a computer. They will want to come over and use it to gamble and roll dice, because your neighbors are of low morals and poor upbringing.
  • Do not play music too loudly while wearing earphones, or you will not hear town bell ring for time of work or worship.
  • Get a red computer. Those are faster.