Question: How do I avoid dropping soap in prison?

From Greg, via email: As a crazy college student, I might be going to jail soon. I heard that dropping the soap is a serious offense in jail, so I was wondering how to avoid doing that.

Answer: The rumors about dropping the soap in jail are true. If you drop your soap, the guards will take it away, and you won’t get clean. And prison is all a cleanliness game. Without soap, you risk being identified as a dirty rat. At least be a clean rat.

Would you want to use soap that fell on the floor of a prison shower? We didn’t think so. Therefore, be conscientious of your fellow prisoners and try to keep your soap as sanitary as possible.

How do you do this? You need to make your soap easier to hold onto. If it’s wet, it will get slippery. Don’t let your soap get wet and you will be fine and have friends in prison and you will also be clean.