How to Wear a Sport Jacket

Many people get confused when confronted by sport coats. After all, the word “sport” is right there in the name. Yet, in looking at the garment, it is obvious that sports have nothing to do with them. At least, they haven’t ever since competitive business lunches stopped being a medal event in the Olympics.

So what is a sport coat? Well, it’s a jacket like a jacket that comes with a suit, but it’s just the jacket. How do you wear something like that? It’s more difficult that it may seem, without the matched pants. Here is how you wear a sport jacket without it being the jacket from a suit.


  1. Find a sport coat that fits you. You can do this at a department store, a thrift shop, or, less likely, in your dad’s closet. You’ll know it’s a good fit if the sleeves come down to about mid-hand.
  2. Put on the jacket. Left arm first! This is imperative.
  3. Find the right ensemble. Mismatch your pants. A light-colored jacket will want dark-colored pants, stripe-colored socks, blue shoes and a bolo tie. A dark jacket takes light pants, argyle socks, clown shoes and a neck bow. You have some leeway with the shirt you wear, but shy away from so-called “wife beaters.”
  4. Strike the right pose. A sports jacket will always be happiest when draped on a figure with a foot placed on a hassock or similar. And cradle your chin! Show off that handsome face for once!
  5. Go out and be seen. Show the world that you’re a person who wears sport coats. Be careful while walking to make sure you do not alter your fashionable pose.


  • The sports jacket will offer choices of “vented” or “unvented,” which refer to the trailing flap or pleats in the rear of the garment. We recommend vented, so that your lower back does not overheat.
  • You may only wear a green sport coat if you have won the Masters golf tournament (oh, hey, sports!) If you have not won the Masters golf tournament, but insist on wearing a green jacket, prepare to be viciously beaten by roving gangs of Jack Nicklauses.
  • Some people refer to sport coats as “blazers.” You may do this only if you sport coat, in fact, blazes.