How to Get the Glengarry Leads

The high-powered world of real estate sales can be a rewarding one. It’s perfect for those who have a can-do spirit, great people skills and love the reward that comes with helping others ensure their financial future by investing in land, one of the surest commodities known to man. However, a firm, honest handshake can only take a salesman so far. Even the best need a good base of potential customers, or “leads.” Sometimes, Mitch & Murray are hesitant to give out the good ones to just anyone, regardless of seniority.


  1. Always.
  2. Be.
  3. Closing.
  4. If steps 1-3 do not work, then you are not closing the cocksucker. Or if the leads- wait a second- maybe the leads are weak. That is what is fucked here, not you. If I- no, that is not what I said. You wait. Wait until after hours.
  5. Get into Williamson’s office.
  6. Go to his safe.  Break it open and get them. The leads. The leads that are in his safe. The Glengarry leads.
  7. Take them across the street to- yes, across the street, that’s what I’m saying- you take them across the street and you sell them to Jerry Graff. He’ll pay- he goes out and buys. He pays for the leads. Clean. He paid two thousand for that fucking list of nurses.
  8. Do not- listen, to me- do not fuck this up. If you do, we are fucked, do you hear me? There’s no- you are in this too deep. Even reading this, you’re an accessory by- yes, you are- there are consequences. Everything has consequences.


  • Make sure that you have what it takes. Do you have it? What it takes. It’s important to have it. This thing.
  • Try the Nyborgs one more time.
  • Do not bring up your daughter. Fuck you.
  • If this does not pan out, I know a man who deals in rare coins. He can do the- yes, it’s a sure thing.