How Not to Get Fooled Again

Does your new boss appear to be the same as your old boss?

Then chances are, you’ve been fooled again. To avoid this happening in the future, follow these simple steps.


  1. Tip your hat to the new constitution. If you are not wearing a hat, go get one.
  2. Take a bow for the new revolution. Or curtsey if you are female.
  3. Smile and/or grin at the change all around us, depending on your level of enthusiasm.
  4. Pick up your guitar and play in a way that you have done in the recent past. (Learn how to play guitar before doing this step.)
  5. Then get on your knees and pray, regardless of your religious affiliation.


  • Some questions to answer if you are not sure you are being fooled again:
    • Do the hypnotized ever lie?
    • Did the beards grow longer overnight?
    • Does the world look just the same?
    • Has history changed?
    • Have you ever seen a shotgun sing a song?

    If you can answer “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” to any or all of these questions, then odds are you are being fooled again.

  • Before not getting fooled again, be sure you know who are you and put away your squeeze box.