How to Make Money Selling Crafts from Home

Through the magic of the internet, you now can work at home making crafts and selling them to gullible strangers who have no idea how much a scarf or a yarn coffee cup holder should cost. (Charge $200 for each.)

We will tell you how to launch your successful home-based crafting business in just a few easy steps.

  1. Get a computer. You will need a computer. You need a computer to get on the internet. You don’t need an expensive computer. Maybe you can borrow your cousin Mandy’s old laptop. She’s not using it ever since the accident.
  2. Get a digital camera. You need to take pictures of your crafts and post them on the internet so people will want to buy them. Model them yourself or put them on a cat.
  3. Get the internet. So you can put your things on it.
  4. Gather supplies. Some people spend time and money learning to become an artisan by investing in glass blowing classes or buying the supplies to build their own fluglehorn. Don’t be like these people, as you can create items from the things you have lying around your house. Do you have an old scrabble game? Make scrabble tile necklaces! Do you have plastic bags? Tear them into strips, make plastic yarn, and knit new and different plastic bags out of your plastic bags! Are you an alcoholic? Use all the beer bottle caps you have been hiding to make magnets! The possibilities are all around you.
  5. Start an account on a crafty selling site and post your items. Be careful about pricing. Too low, people may not value your work. Too high, and they’ll wondering why they are paying $500 for a bedazzled jean jacket with a crude painting of Peter Noone on it. Aim for the middle, and you will appeal to most consumers. Make everything $200.
  6. Make money. Just sit back and watch it roll in!


  • If you have been hoarding worthless garbage for 30 years or more, you can sell old stuff and label it vintage. Your brother in law doesn’t have a weird relationship with all of those cereal boxes, instead they are “vintage pieces of advertising art.” You can still sell them even if they are a little sticky.
  • Does your uncle Morty have a mustache? Hipsters love mustaches. Put that mustache on a stick and sell that too.
  • Take all your or your husband’s ties and cut them in half lengthwise. These are now skinny ties you can sell for $200.