How to Know if You Have Back Pain

Nine hundred million Americans suffer from back pain, according to Back pain is more common than swine flu in some parts of the world because everyone has a back, but only certain people have pigs.

Many people do not know that they are suffering from back pain until it is too late. How can you tell if you are one of them?


  1. Find your back. It is generally behind you, so you might need the assistance of a friend or relative.
  2. Create a pain scale (such as Show it to your back.
  3. Ask your back to rate the pain on a scale of 0 (no pain) to 10 (10 pains).
  4. Evaluate the response. If your back answers anywhere from 1 to 10, you have some level of back pain. Note that some levels are more severe than others, depending on the numbers.
  5. If you are suffering from back pain, get off the internet immediately and call a doctor. There are no doctors on the internet. If you’ve recently had your wisdom teeth out, and saved some percs for a rainy day, this would be a good time to take one. REMINDER: Don’t drive with back pain.


  • Symptoms of back pain may include ache, aching, soreness, throb, throbbing, sting, stinging, twinge, stab, pang, cramps, discomfort, irritation, and tenderness.
  • If your back doesn’t hurt, you may not have back pain.
  • Sometimes people will tell you to put a heating pad on your back if it has pain. This is only half the equation. You should also strap a pack of ice on there with the heating pad so that your back is icy and hot at the same time just like the popular product Bengay.