How to Pay off Your Credit Card Debt

Credit cards. We’ve all got ‘em. Can’t get rid of ‘em. They’re just a fact of life. And with credit cards always comes debt because debt is what they’re made of. But you don’t always have to have the debt, because with money you can pay for it.

We’ll show you how.


  1. Get money. You can acquire money by getting a job that pays money or by selling some stuff or maybe by robbing someone with money. (Editor’s note: Don’t rob anyone.)
  2. Keep getting money until you have enough. Look at your debt counter to see how much debt you have. You have to have this much money to pay off your credit card debt.
  3. Don’t get any more credit card debt. The gas company will just have to wait.
  4. Find your creditors. They are out there somewhere. They shouldn’t be that hard to find. You owe them money, right? They probably want to beat you up.
  5. Give your creditors the money you earned. Now you don’t have any money for food. Better buy some food with your credit card. And some nice shoes for yourself! You’ve earned it!


  • Financial experts say there are types of debt other than credit card debt you can have, too. These are called house debt, boat debt and body debt. Instead of a credit card, you pay for things with houses, boats and bodies.
  • The government has a lot of debt, you’ve probably heard. Their credit card is huge and is a nice gold card, I’m told.
  • Don’t confuse debt and debit. Debt is something you owe, debit is something you owei.
  • Don’t pronounce the “b” in debt! If you do, you will automatically double your debt. This is in virtually every major credit card agreement.
  • When you pay your debt, you have to pay something called interest. You write something or draw something on the money to make it interesting.