How to Install an HVAC System in Your Home

About 90 years ago, mankind evolved in to a race of creatures that can only survive in temperatures between 65 and 75 degrees, science reports. That’s why we need HVAC (Heating Versus Air Conditioning) systems. Without them, everyone would literally die of discomfort.

But what if your HVAC system breaks? You have 48 hours to get a new one or risk losing everything. The clock is ticking. What do you do?


  1. Go to a store that sells HVAC systems. You can look them up in the yellow pages under “I’m cold” or “I’m hot.”
  2. Find the HVAC system that’s right for you. Get to know them a little. Ask about their interests. Try to hold one to see whether it takes to you. Assure the salesperson you’ll give it a good home and throw it in the car.
  3. Get fully certified as an HVAC technician. Try to make it quick, though.
  4. Put it in your house. It should fit right into the vents.
  5. Thank whatever God you believe in that you’re alive. For now.


  • Be sure the system you get is full-on HVAC. If you come home with just H or just AC, boy, will your face be red.
  • Don’t get the HVAC system in your house mixed up with your plumbing unless you want a hot shower of air in your face in the morning! There might be other problems, too.
  • You cannot install an HVAC system unless you are certified as a technician. Kind of like how Link can’t get the Master Sword until he’s done a bunch of stuff.
  • Make sure you have a thermostat. Otherwise you would have no control over your HVAC system, it would take over your household, bed your spouse and force you to get it pizza.