How to Boil Water

Boiling Water is very useful. You can use it to heat other things up by putting them in the boiling water. Things like eggs, pasta, or potatoes (not at the same time, unless you’re making eggy potato tetrazzini). But before you heat up those things, you need some very hot water.

Follow these easy steps and you can have some boiling water of your very own.


  1. Secure a vessel to boil the water in. Metal pans work best. Do not boil water in tupperware, paper plates, or socks.
  2. Once you have a metal pan, proceed by locating your sink. Do you have a kitchen? Proceed to the sink (look for a faucet where water comes out). Turn the tap and allow the water to fall into your metal pan. Don’t overfill it, turn off the faucet when the water is around an inch from the top.
  3. If you are standing near your sink, there should be a stove nearby. Do you see a boxy looking thing with knobs on it, with heating areas for metal pans? Put the metal pan on the heating area and turn the corresponding knob (many stoves have labeled knobs that say things like “left front”, “left back”, “right front”, and “right back”) to high.
  4. Wait for several minutes. You can spend your time balancing your checkbook, tying your shoes, or staring at the water in the pan.
  5. Soon tiny bubbles will form in the water. Wait! Don’t turn off the stove, you want to wait for the big bubbles and steam.
  6. When you see big bubbles and steam, you have a “roiling boil” (the world “roiling” comes from a very odd practice of the Pilgrims). Congrats! Your water is boiling.
  7. Proceed to use the boiling water. Or just look at the steam.


  • According to survival experts, boiling water makes it cleaner. This is why the cleanest people bathe in boiling water.
  • If you leave the water boiling for too long, it will magically disappear. This phenomenon has yet to be explained by science.
  • Boiling and broiling are different things. To broil water, put it in your oven and turn it to broil.
  • It may be possible to boil other liquids. No one can be sure until they try it, though.