How to Play Peekaboo

Sometimes people want to play peekaboo. That’s okay, I’m not here to judge. You do whatever you want. I’m certainly not going look at you sideways or end all my conversations with you really quickly.

Anyway, here’s how you play peekaboo.


  1. Find a friend to play with.
  2. Explain the rules of peekaboo to your friend.
  3. Say, “Let’s start playing peekaboo.”
  4. Start playing peekaboo by putting your hands over your eyes and having your friend put his/her hands over his/her eyes.
  6. Return to the visible spectrum and remove your hands from your eyes.
  7. Say, “Peekaboo!”
  8. Repeat, “Peakaboo!” at your discretion.
  9. Tell your friend, “Thank you for playing peekaboo with me.”
  10. Get out of there.


  • Your friend may break the rules of peekaboo and not disappear. You may want to hire someone to watch the game to make sure you both become invisible and therefore don’t lose peekaboo.
  • It isn’t fair to pay your lookout any less than $300 for his or her effort.
  • There’s a chance your lookout may be biased against you and say your opponent disappeared even though he or she didn’t. Consider hiring a lookout lookout.